Idol Audition Program

Real Idol Training Curriculum set by K-POP agencies

1:1 Audition consulting and management, plans for personal training

■    Visual Directing

-   Diet, body evaluation & image training

■    PR Training

-   Real PR training for auditions

■    Basic training for strength development

-   Improving basic strength, flexibility, muscle control, and overall physical ability

■    Profile photos, Online PR marketing

-   Feedback from K-POP Agencies’ Rookie Development Teams, Help build a personal audition portfolio

■    Agency Auditions

-   Opportunity to participate on average 8 or more private auditions every month

■    Teamwork and live training

■    Monthly Evaluation

-   Receive expert audition evaluation and feedback from K-POP producers

■    Group Vocal/Dance Lessons

-   Additional option(s) : Vocal and Dance lessons taught by a Current Idol Instructor

■    Participate in Workshops / Special Lessons

-   Workshops / Special Lessons taught by K-POP producers, celebrities, famous choreographers, etc.

■    Broadcast / YouTube appearances and busking opportunities

-   TV broadcasts, performances, and contents related to entertainment, dancing, and singing

Kids Program

Kids K-POP Course

Learn the latest K-Pop dances, foster concentration, creativity and imagination as well as improve general health. Our instructors, who all have many years of professional experience in teaching younger children, will match the skill level for each student and provide a fun dancing experience. 

Kids Expert Dance Course

Classes for younger students wanting professional dance training. This class is recommended for students dreaming of becoming a K-Pop idol or planning to major in a dance-related field. Recieve step-by-step training on basic dancing, K-Pop choreography and freestyle. 

Entrance Exam Prep Program

■    Basic dance and physical training

-   Bounce and rhythm training

-   Isolation and posture (attitude) correction training for the upper and lower body

-   Improve physical abilities, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility etc.

-   Personalized training according to skill level

■    Filming of individual and team assignments as well as exceptional teams

-   Personal Work

-   “Formation training” through group choreography, focusing on movement, composition, etc.

■    Freestyle Training

-   JAM helps dance improvisation skills through dance battles

■    Training in various dance styles

-   Broadcast choreography, Hip-hop, Girl's Hip-hop, Waacking, Locking, etc. 

-   Additional subject (select one) : Street Dance / K-POP

■    Regular monthly evaluation

-   Personal evaluation from former and current professors of practical dance departments in art high schools/art universities and choreographers

■    Identifying the latest entrance exam trends (R&D)

-   Form training based on entrance exams for each practical dance department in art high schools/art universities

■    Personal high-level creative work lessons for third-year middle school/high school students 

-   1:1 close management and admission consulting

-   Styling coach according to different concepts

■    Final inspection: mock interview before the entrance exam

-   Mock interview - simulation of an actual entrance exam

■    Participate in Workshops/ Special Lectures

-   Workshops taught by current practical dance staff from art high schools/art universities and famous choreographers

■    Unlimited use of the practice room

-   Broadcast / YouTube appearances, busking, stage performances, etc. are provided


5-7F, 32-15, Donggyo-ro 23-gil, Mapo-gu, 
Seoul, South Korea (03992)


5-7F, 32-15, Donggyo-ro 23-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea (03992)